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Ecommerce SEO Services

At ClickCentric SEO, we offer  ecommerce SEO services for all types of online stores. Unlike some companies that offer SEO services for ecommerce sites, we can optimize your ecommerce site for more traffic and greater conversions. In addition to ecommerce SEO, our company specializes in ecommerce web design and development, social media, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. We develop cohesive ecommerce SEO strategies and service packages that promote more traffic, increased sales, and sustainable customer loyalty. Get a free SEO audit today!

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Individually-Tailored Ecommerce SEO Service Program

In today's digital age, ecommerce SEO services are the new marketing investments for competitive online retailer. Smart ecommerce store owners understand the importance of being found in Google search. For them, seeking a professional ecommerce SEO company is no brainer.

Top-Rated Ecommerce SEO Company

At Click Centric SEO, we represent a full-service ecommerce SEO company that specializes in a wide range of marketing programs  (beyond ecommerce SEO services.)

We advocates the use of various ecommerce marketing tactics, and each of our client programs are customized to include one or more of the following components:

What Defines the Best Ecommerce SEO Companies?

Click Centric SEO offers a depth of skill-sets that define the best ecommerce SEO companies. How?

Our web design and development projects center on SEO-friendly coding and CMS integration.

We have technical SEO experts adept in Schema markup and website optimization.

And we staff skilled content strategist and writers who have versatile experience producing unique quality content.

Our ecommerce SEO service programs range from strategy-based consulting and coaching to more intensive project development and campaign management. Our company strives to bring the latest and most effective resources to empower your ecommerce SEO strategy.

Custom Ecommerce Internet Marketing Campaigns

Your ecommerce site is unique and demands individualized attention. Unlike some ecommerce SEO companies that use template-based services for all of their clients, our company builds original ecommerce SEO campaigns that are specially designed for your online store. To learn more about the processes and techniques behind some of our ecommerce SEO programs, visit our articles page. Our articles share hands-on tips of the fundamentals of and Internet marketing, and how to perform basic executions on your own.

Ecommerce SEO Resources & Strategy Development

At ClickCentric SEO, we offer more than just ecommerce SEO services. We provide insights and guidelines for ecommerce SEO strategies as well as ecommerce PPC strategies. Read some of our articles and ecommerce CMS reviews help find the right ecommerce platform to meet your objectives.

Helping your company achieve its ecommerce SEO goals is our mission. To learn more about how our ecommerce SEO company can help you, contact us today!


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Get Started Now!

Ecommerce SEO Articles

Why Web Presence Optimization is the Future of Online Marketing

The future of online marketing is changing. Diminishing are the days when keyword optimization, link building, and other traditional SEO strategies were all that was required to successfully rank in search engine results. As we enter 2015, SEO will slowly fall by the wayside as savvy Internet marketers use a new term: web presence optimization. What is Web Presence Optimization? Web Presence Optimization (or "WPO" as many are starting to call it) is a new online marketing strategy where businesses optimize content across all online platforms they are involved with. This is mainly via business blogs, social media pages, press releases, or the business website itself. Businesses now have to converge all their advertising platforms to improve their online brand visibility. ...

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Applying Hyper-Local SEO Concepts in Ecommerce

Local SEO is in a different ballpark compared to ecommerce SEO. Sure there are commonalities in handling on-page optimization and link generation, but more times often than not, the core strategy concepts are different. One highly effective local SEO strategy is to target very niche and selective keywords that are less competitive and easier to rank. Also known as hyper-local SEO, or niche-targeted SEO, this concept goes after the low hanging fruit, while progressively working toward larger keyword targets. This hyper-targeted approach can easily be applied to an ecommerce site. Because the ecommerce search landscape is often saturated with authoritative competitors, it's vital to pick niche and go after it hard. ...

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3 Ways to Generate Higher CTR's with Product Page Schema Markup

Ecommerce SEO's are always looking for ways to boost their product page click-through rates (CTR's) from Google SERPs. In this short article, I will show you three of the most powerful ways to do just that using Schema markup. Depending on whether or not your product pages contain images, videos, ratings, or reviews - some of these elements may not apply. Nonetheless, take a quick gander and see if you can implement product page Schema markup to boost your CTR's, and perhaps, your SEO keyword rankings. 1. Ratings & Reviews If your ecommerce site features ratings and reviews on your product pages, you can make this information appear in Google search results. You've probably seen these beautiful rich snippets popping on high authority site listings - the little 5 star rating showing just under the URL. ...

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Do Social Signals Impact Search? Yes, but...

There's been a lot debate in the search marketing community regarding the impact social signals have on search rankings. Most professionals are under the impression the more tweets, likes, shares, pins, and +1's a page receives, the higher the likelihood the page will rank well in the search results. Last month at SMX London, John Mueller of Google and Duane Forrester of Bing cleared the smoke with some rather interesting statements. They both denied that asocial signals have a direct impact on their search engine algorithms in determining ranking. However, they didn't offer insight has to how social media is indeed used in search. Both Mueller and Forrester explained that there's a reason why a large number of people would share, tweet, like, etc. a given page: it's good content that offers value. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that the page will rank highly in search, the large number of social signals does serve a purpose in evaluating the page. ...

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5 Must-Use HTML Tags for Product Page SEO

Optimizing product pages is an integral aspect of ecommerce SEO. But many search marketers are stuck in rut as to which elements of a product page need to be optimized. Most of us know the basic tags for SEO: page title tag, Meta description tag, etc. So in this article, I highlight 5 HTML tags that you might not be including in your on-page optimization. Schema Product Markup If you're new to Schema, then I highly suggest you visit and freshen up. Using Schema's structured data markup enables you to better communicate a page's content to search engines. In short, it's a game changer for ecommerce SEO. ...

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