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Momentous SEO Moves You Can Make in Under 1 Hour | SEOMoz Article Review

In most cases with SEO, it's the big moves that make a difference. And although it's important to commit to a long-term SEO strategy (especially for ecommerce,) small moves help to bolster the grand, long-term effort.

Although the quick and easy SEO methods of the past are obsolete and avoided today, there's still quick moves that you can make to progress your SEO efforts. Kevin Gibbons defines these as "small wins" in a brilliant article published at

Kevin breaks-down a grand list of 96 "small wins" into categories of:

  • Research and Analysis Wins
  • Google+ and Authorship Wins
  • Events and Sponsorship Wins
  • Content Strategy and Planning Wins
  • Relationship Building Wins
  • Content Production Wins
  • Comment Marketing Wins
  • Local Wins
  • Blogger Outreach Wins
  • Penguin and Panda Penalty Review Wins
  • On-Site Optimization Wins
  • Productivity Wins
  • Link Removal Wins
  • Link Reclamation Wins
  • Competitive Analysis Wins
  • Public Relations Wins
  • Technical Wins
  • Analytics and Measurement Wins

With this list, SEO and Internet marketers can really focus on improving their weaknesses. For instance, if you need to freshen-up on the technical end of ecommerce SEO, there's a nice section dedicated to that.

This totally awesome resource at is of immense value and should be bookmarked on your browser. For those of you who do ecommerce SEO, it's the "small wins" that make up a majority of our efforts.

This blog post was put together by Tyler Tafelsky, an Internet marketing and SEO specialist here at Click Centric SEO.


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