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Ecommerce Content Marketing Services

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Ecommerce Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Ecommerce content marketing servicesAt Click Centric SEO, we utilize content marketing as a powerful marketing tool to support brand exposure, SEO and social media marketing, and overall customer retention and loyalty.

In addition to the tremendous branding and inbound marketing advantages that can be earned, content marketing can position your ecommerce site as a trusted and knowledgeable online store. Whether via blogging, creating videos, or writing news articles, the practices of producing and sharing top-notch content will ignite your ecommerce marketing strategy to its fullest potential.

Build an Impactful Content Marketing Strategy

There's no cookie-cutter formula to build a successful content marketing strategy. The strategy for your ecommerce website will be unique to its brand, inventory, and target market. Additionally, your ecommerce content marketing strategy must gravitate toward your brands core competencies, as well as the types of content that will best suit your audience.

At Click Centric SEO, we can help you strategize and execute your ecommerce content marketing strategy using a number of different channels, including:

  • Blogging - We staff experienced content writers and blogging experts that can help you build a powerful blog. We can also help get your content get published on other websites (guest blogging) to expand your brand's exposure and aid your ecommerce SEO efforts.
  • Graphics - Images and graphics are one of the most engaging forms of content. We staff a skilled team of designers that can create all types of visual-based content ranging from simple image messages to complex infographics.
  • Videos - Even more engaging that graphics are videos. Videos are ideal for ecommerce content marketing in that you can highlight products and offer insightful reviews for your consumers. Videos can also be optimized for SEO, which can significantly bolster your search marketing campaign.
  • Audio - Got a message to share via audio? Whether product highlights or podcasts, we can help you strategize the best places to share your audio message.
  • Articles & Press Releases - Articles and press releases are great way to inform your target audience. This form of text-based content can help promote your brand's exposure in many ways on the Web.

Integrate Social Media Marketing

Content marketing and social media go hand-in-hand. In order for your content to reach its fullest potential, you need to get it exposed to wide audience. Leveraging social media is a must for any content marketing strategy. Whether via Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Twitter, each social media network has its place for certain forms of content. To learn more about how Click Centric SEO can help with your ecommerce content marketing strategy, please feel free to contact us to learn more!