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Ecommerce Email Marketing

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Ecommerce Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce sites thrive on brand loyalty and reoccurring purchases. Email marketing for ecommerce sites focuses to harvest customer loyalty to its fullest potential. By offering opted-in individuals promotional incentives or enlightening newsletters, ecommerce email marketing reinforces why a customer conducts their online shopping at your ecommerce store.

Why Ecommerce Email Marketing is so Essential

The basis of ecommerce email marketing is to utilize already established relationships to connect with relevant consumers. Typically these consumers are open and willing to receive your email messages, so the ability to lure their attention is much greater. When customers grant you their email address, they are displaying signs of trust and interest in your company. This enables marketers to develop long-term relationships that result in reoccurring sales.

Email Marketing Services for Ecommerce Sites

When it comes to email marketing services for ecommerce sites, we at ClickCentric SEO have tools and resources help your online store succeed. We use a version of our own email marketing software that allows our experts to execute timely email newsletters and ecommerce promotions. We understand the nature of email marketing for ecommerce from the perspective of both the customer and the brand. As a result, we build sustainable loyalty that results in ongoing Internet marketing success.

At ClickCentric SEO, we staff copywriters who can write creative, captivating email content that underscores the purpose of the message. We also employ talented graphic designers who can develop attractive email marketing templates that resemble the brand elements of your ecommerce store.

Targeted, Socially-Oriented Email Marketing Strategies

An email address from a purchase or lead is more than just a listing in your contact database. That email address could evolve into a lasting relationship that spreads word of mouth and positive PR. For that reason, we are loyal advocates behind the power of email marketing for ecommerce. We often tailor ecommerce email marketing campaigns to include social media elements for ease of sharing. This may include social sharing buttons on the email template, or incentives for loyals to share their interest in your ecommerce store with all of their friends on Facebook.

Whether through the email’s subject line or various promotions to entice email recipients, we are constantly testing multiple strategies to attain the best results. At ClickCentric SEO, we have a wealth of email marketing strategies in our arsenal, each with proven effectiveness for certain types of ecommerce stores.

To learn more about how we can help you with you ecommerce email marketing campaign, feel free to contact us today.