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PPC Ad Copywriting Services

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PPC Ad Copywriting Services

Ad Copywriting for Ecommerce Pay Per Click Advertising

Strong ad copywriting for ecommerce Pay Per Click advertising is crucial to attractive relevant customers who are seeking your products. Although ad copywriting is not an exact science, there are some techniques that can help improve the click-through performance of your ecommerce ads.

Here at ClickCentric SEO, we staff skilled PPC advertising specialists with a high degree of experience in providing ad copywriting services. In addition to exploring creative word choice and consumer-centric ad copy, our ecommerce Pay Per Click experts advocate the three major aspects to writing effective ad copy. These include:

  • Show Relevancy - The ad copy must convey relevancy to the target audience. Using relevant words is not only important from an advertising standpoint, but also with respect to AdWords' quality scores. Relevant ads compel more clicks while helping to minimize their expense.
  • Convey Benefit - Another important ingredient to the ad copywriting process is to determine and convey the core benefit of the product. However, even more important than conveying the benefit, is distinguishing why buying from your ecommerce store is a better decision.
  • Compel Action - It's practically a rule of thumb for our PPC ad copywriting services: include an action-oriented word (verb) in the copy. Compelling users to explore, discover, view, find, buy, seize, or take advantage of your offering is what induces them to click your ads over your competition's. It may sound simple, but it works.

Ad copywriting is often an overlooked aspect to ecommerce Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. A well-structured ecommerce PPC campaign often has many ad groups to cover many different product categories. As a result, many different ads must be written to suit their respective groups and target markets. Failure to properly structure targeted ad groups for PPC optimization results in weak ads with broad-based copy.

Experienced Pay Per Click Ad Copywriters

Ad copy does not always have to be catchy to be effective. Solid ad copywriting derives from knowing the nature of the target market and the products being advertised.

At ClickCentric SEO, we employ an experienced team of Pay Per Click ad copywriters who know more than simply how to write advertising copy. We take the time to research your markets, your products and USP's (unique selling propositions), and the style of your ecommerce store. Our PPC specialists have been trained by some of the best in the business and continue to explore the most effective techniques in ad copywriting for ecommerce for Pay Per Click advertising.

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