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PPC Optimization Services

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PPC Optimization Services

Ecommerce Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization

Many ecommerce stores entering into the Pay Per Click advertising arena struggle to build sustainably profitable PPC campaigns. The poorness of their PPC advertising efforts is not so much their ineffectiveness in ecommerce Internet marketing. Rather, the need for PPC optimization is mostly due to a lack of experience using the Google AdWords platform and building well-organized campaigns and ad groups.

At ClickCentric SEO, we are well versed in the Google AdWords platform and we know how to construct cohesive PPC campaigns for optimum quality scores. In addition, we optimize the post-click processes of ecommerce PPC advertising by improving the quality of landing pages and on-site conversion funnels. Learn more about some of ecommerce PPC optimization services below.

PPC Campaign Optimization

One of the most common errors we see in ecommerce PPC advertising is poor keyword grouping and having broadly targeted ad groups. In essence, these a poor performing ad groups include far too many keywords. By developing ad groups to contain only a few closely related keywords, marketers can write more targeted ad copy and landing pages, all the while increasing their quality scores.

Negative Keyword Research

Negative keyword research is the process of pinpointing the keyword variations that are causing unwanted impressions. Not implementing negative keywords can result in un-qualified search engine users clicking your ads and chewing up your budget. Our ecommerce PPC advertising services always include ongoing negative keyword research to continuous refine and improve the performance of your campaigns and ad groups.

Ad Copy & Landing Page Optimization

Two integral aspects of our PPC optimization services are landing page design and ad copywriting. Both of these areas demand constant testing and analysis to determine the best recipe for success. We provide these PPC optimization services as unique package for existing ecommerce campaigns, or as a whole with ongoing PPC campaign management services.

Realize a Better ROI with PPC Optimization

For ecommerce PPC advertising, conversion optimization is key it realizing the greatest profit potential for your e-store. Our team of experts is highly skilled in all of the components that go into developing and managing an ecommerce Pay Per Click campaign. We are happy to provide custom packages to best suit your needs.

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