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Ecommerce Checklist

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Ecommerce Checklist

Considerations for Optimized Ecommerce Sites

Unveiling an ecommerce site demands the right planning and execution. Successful online businesses are well thought-out and ecommerce strategies are supported by extensive research and proven processes.

At ClickCentric SEO, we offer you this ecommerce checklist to help you get in the right mind set for your ecommerce endeavors. Below we outline factors that you will want to take into consideration when starting new ecommerce website or optimizing your current online store. Some of these factors may not be applicable, so take note of the aspects that will impact your unique ecommerce strategy.

Domain Name Selection

The selection of the domain name for your ecommerce site is an important consideration, especially for ecommerce SEO. There are typically two options when choosing a domain name for an ecommerce site: a branded domain name or keyword-friendly domain name. Having a domain name that includes keywords will help for search engine optimization and getting the site ranked soon in the search engines. A branded domain name, although often times more appealing, will require greater effort to get ranked. In some instances, you can pinpoint good domain names that are branded and include some keyword references. Another consideration is electing to buy an aged domain that has previously expired. This can be extremely advantageous for ecommerce search engine optimization because major search engines often place greater value and trust in domains that have been around for awhile.

Pinpointing Software for Your Ecommerce Site

Selecting the right type of software or content management system (CMS) to operate your ecommerce site can be an ambiguous adventure. There are a number of factors that go into choosing an ecommerce software platform. The staff of your online store, its products and services, and your overall ecommerce Internet marketing goals must be taken into consideration when selecting a CMS for your ecommerce site. Below are some questions to keep top of mind while pinpointing an ecommerce CMS platform.

Is there a mobile-friendly version of the ecommerce shopping cart?

Does the software include the provider of your Merchant Account?

Is the ecommerce software platform SEO-friendly?

Does the platform enable users to make web design and template edits?

Is social media integrated with the ecommerce software platform?

Does the platform offer seamless inventory management capabilities?

Is the CMS platform easy to use for general users?

How often is the ecommerce software updated?

Some of these factors are unbeknownst to most online entrepreneurs. At ClickCentric SEO, we are here to help you determine the best ecommerce CMS platform to meet your objects. For any questions, feel free to contact us today.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

A major consideration for an ecommerce site is search engine optimization and how SEO friendly the website's software platform or content management system (CMS) is. These are often considerations that flow in conjunction with the web design of the ecommerce site. Strong ecommerce platforms will enable users to edit important SEO elements like the Page Title, Meta Description, and Keywords for every page of the site. In addition, SEO-friendly ecommerce CMS's will enable users to re-write undesirable URLs. Such URLs that end in automated expressions like "/?id=420" can be changed to keyword optimized expressions like "/kids-military-uniforms". The back-end coding structure of the ecommerce platform can also make or break a SEO campaign. Some CMS's generate non SEO-friendly website structures with nested tables and other cumbersome code structures. A more preferred alternative for ecommerce SEO are platforms that use style sheets and more seamless HTML formats.

Infusion of Social Media

Social media websites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are powerful tools to generate awareness and customer loyalty for your ecommerce store. Havig the ability to infuse these social media outlets into the website is critical to spread buzz and connect with potential customers. Some ecommerce websites and CMS platforms offer greater flexibility in presenting social icons as well as blog feeds to market your content.

Website Editing Functionality

Regardless of whether or not you have web design expertise on your side, it is best to opt for ecommerce platforms that allow users to edit most of the elements that make up your webpages. These capabilities are even more significant if your ecommerce site requires specific functionality or tracking capabilities like that of Google Analytics. An ecommerce CMS that enables your team to make ease edits in-house offers immense flexibility and can save time and money down the road.

Mobile Friendly Shopping Cart Capabilities

The massive emergence of smartphones and online shopping from mobile devices makes the capabilities for ecommerce (or "mcommerce") from these devices a must. Mobile variations of online shopping stores are essentially simplified versions of ecommerce sites that offer basic navigation and simpler conversion funnels. Some ecommerce platforms offer exceptional mobile-friendly shopping carts for ecommerce sites, however some do not. In today's ever evolving digital age, this is one consideration that you will want to keep in mind.

Intuitive Product Management

A solid ecommerce CMS will enable your staff to easily import and export inventory based on specific product categories, tracking numbers, and other key aspects. Depending on the nature of your ecommerce store, having the ability to make inventory changes via an excel or access database, and conveniently upload those edits to the site, can be a huge variable to take into consideration. In fact, ecommerce software platforms that fail to offer import and export functionality are becoming obsolete, so almost always choose a platform that does offer these executions.

To learn more about how ClickCentric SEO can help you with your ecommerce website and SEO strategies, contact us.

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