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Ecommerce SEO Packages

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Ecommerce SEO Packages

Below is general outline of the ecommerce SEO packages and programs we offer here at Click Centric SEO.

We can custom-tailor any of these programs to meet the unique needs and budget restraints of your online store.

Ecommerce SEO Program Entry-Level SEO Mid-Level SEO Advanced SEO
Duration 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Number of Keywords up to 10 11-19 20-30
On-Page Optimization      
SEO-friendly URL Naming Yes Yes Yes
Optimization of Page Titles & Meta Data Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Installation & Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmaster Tools Installation & Monitoring No Yes Yes
HTML Sitemap Creation & Submission Yes Yes Yes
XML Sitemap Creation & Submission No Yes Yes
Creation of New Pages No No Yes
On-page Copy Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Optimized Internal Linking No Yes Yes
Off-Page Optimization (Monthly)      
Directory Submissions & Citation Building 2 4 6
Link Popularity Program:      

One-Way DoFollow Backlinks

5 Links 10 Links 15 Links

One-Way NoFollow Backlinks

8-10 Links 12-15 Links 15-20 Links
YouTube Video Optimization No 1-2 Videos 3 Videos
Social Media Integration      
Google Plus Yes Yes Yes
Twitter No Yes Yes
Facebook No No Yes
Pinterest No No Yes
StumbleUpon No No Yes
Monthly Reporting      
Keyword Rank Reports Yes Yes Yes
Traffic & Analytics Reports No  No Custom
Initial On-Page Optimization $1,000 $1,950 $2,950
Ongoing Monthly $500 $750 $1000

* For YouTube Video Optimization, the client is responsible for producing and editing the raw the video.

* Social media integration includes the creation and ongoing management of each social media platform. Package rates can be modified for in-house social media consulting programs (instead of Click Centric SEO providing ongoing management.)

Details About our Ecommerce SEO Programs

Learn more about each component that makes-up our ecommerce SEO services below. If you have a specific interest in a specific services, feel free to contact us to learn more.

On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO sets the foundation for a fluid, well-optimized website that's geared for optimal rankings potential. We factor-in all of the necessary elements of technical ecommerce SEO, content and keyword optimization, internal linking, sitemaps and more. Below defines the major elements that make up on-page ecommerce SEO.

SEO-friendly URL Naming

Consistent, keyword-friendly URL naming conventions are a critical component to on-page SEO. Instead of typical, auto-generated URL's like, our SEO experts write and rename URL's to reflect the best practice of optimization.

Optimization of Page Titles & Meta Data

Page titles and select Meta data also should be optimized in accordance to keywords and user-orientation. We take the time to write unique, SEO-friendly page titles and Meta data to promote better rankings and higher click-through rates, all while minimizing any signs of duplicate content.

Google Analytics Installation & Monitoring

Integrating Google Analytics is imperative to track and monitor SEO performance. All ecommerce SEO packages include this service. Our experts can pinpoint weaknesses and opportunities in an ecommerce SEO campaign by performing frequent, action-oriented assessments using Google Analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools Installation & Monitoring

Parallel to Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools enables us to monitor the health of an ecommerce site. Webmaster Tools is geared for more technical, on-site health assessments, whereas Analytics is more performance oriented. Only mid-level and advanced ecommerce SEO programs receive this service.

HTML Sitemap Creation & Submission

The HTML sitemap, also known as the "index" of an ecommerce site, is considered one of the most important pages of a website. For large ecommerce sites with thousands of products, we'll often develop numerous segmented sitemaps for greater organization and more fluid search engine crawling and indexing.

XML Sitemap Creation & Submission

The XML sitemap is a special type of sitemap that is submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. This submission, which is done on a frequent basis or when new changes occur on a website, instructs Google of the pages that are ready for fresh crawling and indexing.

Creation of New Pages

In many cases, the creation of new optimized pages are needed to bolster usability and SEO performance. Whether the need is for new category-level pages or conversion-optimized product pages, an ecommerce SEO audit will reveal areas of the site the need further expansion of pages and content.

On-page Copy Optimization

Modifying the page copy is often critical for ecommerce SEO and establishing keyword relevancy. This may be as simple as adding certain contextual elements to pages (e.g. H1 and H2 tags or more supportive page copy) or re-writing product description text to be unique and keyword-friendly.

Optimized Internal Linking

A strong SEO supplement to integrating sitemaps is implementing optimized internal linking (also known as "cross-linking") throughout a website. This helps to establish greater keyword relevancy between relevant pages by using creative anchor text and link schematics.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page ecommerce SEO is an ongoing process of generating greater authority and keyword relevancy from external web sources. This is primarily achieved via link popularity, which now (after Google's recently algorithm updates) demands a very intricate and mindful approach. At Click Centric SEO, we stay well-abreast the latest changes in Google search and orchestrate fail-proof link popularity programs to help our ecommerce clients succeed.

Directory Submissions & Citation Building

Directory submissions are simple way to get your ecommerce site listed (and linked) on relevant authority source. However, it's now important to use only quality and credible directories that are not considered "spammy." These opportunities also can offer citations (or "brand mentions") which are growing ranking factor in Google.

Link Popularity Program

Every Link Popularity Program we create is unique per client. We take the time to determine the degree of keyword competitiveness, level of website authority, and overall linking assets that are relevant to each client. We then orchestrate the optimal plan of action to generate quality and sustainable links back to our clients' domains.

One-Way DoFollow Backlinks

Authoritative, DoFollow backlinks are the powerhouse to off-page SEO. We ensure that all DoFollow backlinks are built using a natural blend of anchor text, and derive from relevant pieces of content and publishing platforms. We also ensure these links stem from a variety of sources with varying degrees of authority (or "Google PageRank.")

One-Way NoFollow Backlinks

Many ecommerce search marketers will debate the effectiveness of NoFollow backlinks for SEO. But what's more than using NoFollow backlinking for higher keyword rankings, is to establish a very natural backlink portfolio for an ecommerce site. This naturalization is critical to sustain an honest search engine presence and top rankings for the long-term.

YouTube Video Optimization

Video offers immense potential for ecommerce SEO. Not only can we help get videos ranking in the search results, but we can also leverage videos for conversion rate optimization, content marketing and social media.

Social Media Integration

Now more than ever, social media is playing a pivotal role in determining the authority of web content. Social signals (or "indicators" such as Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google +1s, Pins, etc.) are defining valuable content that's deserving of higher rankings. As a result, it's important to integrate social media in any ecommerce SEO campaign.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a growing social media network that can significantly aid any ecommerce SEO strategy. We can build and manage your Google Plus presence for the greatest SEO impact.


Twitter is one of the largest social media networks that offers immense potential to generate social authority (via social signals) through persistent relationship building and content sharing.


Now, Facebook is a marketplace in itself. Like Google search, we can help you leverage Facebook as both an advertising medium and a social media platform. This can help direct traffic to your ecommerce site as well as drive immediate sales.


Pinterest is an authoritative social network that's ideal for ecommerce product promotion. Pinterest offers an engaging way to connect with people looking for the products that you have to offer.


StubleUpon is content sharing-based social network that enables you to get your best content spread throughout the web. This can result in direct traffic and sales, as well as greater SEO potential.

Monthly Reporting

At Click Centric SEO, we offer our clients two different types of reports:

Keyword Rank Reports

Each month, ecommerce SEO clients receive a comprehensive keyword rank report that shows current rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for each targeted keyword phrase. These reports, which are delivered in an easy-to-read PDF, show changes in search traffic as well as changes in rankings based on the previous month.

Traffic & Analytics Reports

Traffic and analytics reports can be custom-tailored based on the client's unique interests. We can generate reports based on various metrics, including new vs. re-occurring traffic, traffic sources, average time on site, bounce rate, and more. These reports offer tremendous insights for continuous improvement for SEO and conversion optimization.

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