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Does your ecommerce site need an SEO tune-up?

Did you invest in sketchy ecommerce SEO services or link building?

Perhaps it's time to get a comprehensive ecommerce SEO audit.

When it comes to SEO, you want to ensure that your investment goes in the right areas, whether on-site optimization or link building. An ecommerce SEO site audit can provide the information and insight to invest your resources in the right places.

Request a free, no-obligation ecommerce SEO audit today. All of our SEO site audits are conducted manually by a Click Centric SEO specialist. Each audit reveals valuable and actionable insights for building an effective ecommerce SEO strategy, as well as what SEO components to allocate budget. Hit the link below to inquire, or learn more below about what each ecommerce SEO audit entails

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Our SEO Site Audits Reveal Actionable Insights 

Ecommerce SEO site audit are major focus here at Click Centric SEO. Many companies invest in "SEO" services, but fail to see desirable rankings and ROI. In turn, business owners and marketing teams are left with questions as what went wrong and how to prevail.

If you find yourself in this category, or are curious what it's going to take to achieve top search engine rankings, than an ecommerce SEO site audit can be an enlightening investment. And when you work with Click Centric SEO, that investment doesn't cost you a dime.

To receive a free, no-obligation ecommerce SEO site audit, contact us, or submit the form to your right. Our experts will review your website, your keyword targets, your competitors, and all of the other factors that contribute to SEO success.

What to Expect from an Ecommerce SEO Site Audit

A thorough ecommerce SEO site audit can help shed light on the overall ranking potential of a website, as well as what needs to be addressed to realize success.

We use a number of resources during the process, and are able to pinpoint the overall strengths and weaknesses of your website and SEO objectives.

In return, our SEO experts can fully analyze the health of your website and provide specific insights for optimization. We take into consideration a wide range of factors, each of which can be categorized under on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page Ecommerce SEO Auditing

On-page ecommerce SEO, although cumbersome and crucial, accounts for only about 30% of most search engine algorithms (whereas off-page SEO elements [outlined below] carry the most weight to determine keyword rankings.)

Website Structure, Navigation, & Usability

It's very important to assess how an online store is structured, not only with respect to SEO, but also CRO (conversion rate optimization.)

This entails the overall blueprints of an ecommerce site and how cohesively categories, sub-categories, and product pages are developed. These navigational aspects, in addition to a site's design and content, will ultimately influence usability, or quality of user experience.

Keyword Usage

The right balance of keyword use is critical in today's SEO game. Content that's too keyword dense can be at risk of penalization. However, sometimes not enough keyword use can inhibit reaching a site's fullest SEO potential.

The elements we consider when evaluating keyword usage for ecommerce SEO auditing include:

  • Link Anchor Text
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Data
  • Page Copy
  • URLs
  • Image & Video Optimization

Technical SEO Audit

There are several components that determine the technical SEO quality of an ecommerce site. Although many of these elements contribute to one another, our ecommerce SEO audits will review:

  • Website health and crawlability (error and warning free?)
  • Use of a HTML and XML sitemap, and in some cases segmented sitemaps
  • Use of internal linking
  • Website load speed
  • Overall HTML coding structure of pages

Off-Page Ecommerce SEO Auditing

Like we mentioned above, factors that occur off a website have the greatest impact when determining keyword rankings. As a result, a strong SEO campaign will place a high degree of focus on the following aspects:

Backlink Portfolio 

When conducting ecommerce SEO audits, we use advanced software to scan an entire website of its backlinks, or inbound links pointing to the domain from other sites. Backlinks are like votes of credibility and legitimacy, and thus significantly empower a website authority and ranking potential.

Additionally, the quality of a website's backlink portfolio is paramount. Search engines rank website with natural looking backlinks that come from quality sources. Part of the ecommerce SEO audit process is to evaluate both the number and quality of an online store's backlinks.

Social Media Presence

Social media is beginning to have a profound influence on search engine rankings and the overall SEO practice. Social signals (Google +1's, Facebook Likes, LinkedIn Share, Tweets, Re-Tweets, Pinterest Pins, etc.) are becoming huge ranking factors.

As part of our ecommerce SEO audits, we will assess the strength of ecommerce brands' social media presence. A strong social media following, particularly on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, can have a significant impact on website's SEO potential.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

Although its debated whether or not having a site integrated with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools actually influences its authority for SEO, these programs are critical to measure success and conduct ongoing analysis.

If you're missing any of these programs for your ecommerce site, we highly suggest getting them installed. This enables our experts to conduct a more thorough ecommerce SEO audit of your online store.

Ecommerce SEO Site Audit from Real Humans (Not Just Software)

Get started with Click Centric SEO today, and request a free, no-obligation ecommerce SEO site audit. All ecommerce SEO site audits are lead by Tyler Tafelsky, Click Centric SEO's lead SEO analyst. Our team of experts provide advanced ecommerce SEO services and custom consulting programs for all types of online stores.