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Exponent CMS Ecommerce Review

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Exponent CMS Ecommerce Review

Review of Exponent CMS for Usability and Ecommerce SEO

Exponent CMS Ecommerce ReviewExponent is a free, open-source content management system that provides an ideal solution for ecommerce websites. The Exponent CMS has reputation as a very user-friendly as well as SEO-friendly platform that delivers a wealth of features.

Unlike other ecommerce software platforms, with the Exponent CMS you do not need to download various other applications to use it. It comes with everything you need for website configuration, user management and the editing of content – all of which is for free. Exponent for ecommerce is easy to use for administrators and developers, as well as basic end-users.

The CMS offers an intuitive content editor interface that is very simple in that you can edit content as it appears on any page without the need for back-end HTML or technical skills. Exponent uses a module-based interface that is logical for just about anyone to operate. Support is provided by a vast developer and community oriented forum, and in instances of extensive needs and support requirements, the creators of Exponent can be contacted directly for individualized attention.

Notable Features of Exponent for Ecommerce Sites

Exponent is a very straight-forward content management system for both general users and ecommerce web developers. It is recognized as a highly secure ecommerce platform that offers a great deal of design flexibility for all types of website needs. Content management is made very simple with Exponent, among many other executions. Some of the notable features of Exponent CMS include:

  • Exponent makes it possible to integrate CSS style-sheets and virtually endless website themes
  • The software is cross-platform, meaning users can install it through Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X environments
  • Users can define data as they wish and the platform offers simple report writing capabilities * MySQL 4.1+ or MySQL 5+ is necessary for the storage of settings and content, which makes the platform highly secure
  • Exponent is written in PHP means it is easy for most developers to adapt to
  • The platform minimizes duplicate inputs that can hinder SEO performance and confusion among large ecommerce teams
  • Exponent enables users to control data compliance and site validity
  • The Exponent CMS offers access control functions to set restrictions on who can edit, view and publish content

Exponent for Ecommerce SEO

In addition to being a highly design flexible and secure content management system, Exponent offers great potential for ecommerce search engine optimization. In fact, we have found this CMS to be one of the top platforms for ecommerce SEO.

Not only can users input essential SEO elements, but search engine spiders can crawl and index websites with ease due to its seamless back-end coding structure. The Exponent CMS ecommerce has several ecommerce SEO capabilities, such as:

  • Users can write dynamic, SEO-friendly URL's for any page of the website
  • Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords can all be customized per page
  • On-page content editing is made very simple through the CMS, and many elements are defaulted for full optimization potential (e.g. bold text defaults to strong tags)
  • Exponent allows users to carry out internal linking with ease
  • Web developers are able to create custom coding solutions, thanks to its seamless framework
  • The back-end coding structure of Exponent sites has been developed with SEO in mind, allowing for fast crawling and indexing

Exponent has proved itself to be one of the leading CMS software platforms for ecommerce SEO and overall usability. And as a free, open-source solution, we have found this CMS to be among the top options for almost any type of ecommerce site.

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