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Magento Ecommerce Review

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Magento Ecommerce Review

Magento Review of CMS Features and Ecommerce SEO

Magento Shopping Cart Ecommerce ReviewMagento is an enterprise-class, open-source ecommerce shopping cart solution that was released in 2008. Magento utilizes an EAV or "entity-attribute-value" database model for data storage and it is built on the Zend Framework.

The Magento content management system is semi-complex and allows users to edit, publish and modify content. This makes the Magento CMS ideal for use in ecommerce websites where users and administrators need to interact closely with site content, however the usability may require some experience.

With Magento, ecommerce stores can take advantage of product filtering features via search results and specified product categories. The platform allows for the ability to have shoppers add product reviews as well as carry out product comparisons. One the greatest advantages of using Magento is that it's iPhone optimized and suitable for mobile commerce. In addition to these prominent features, we have highlighted other notable ecommerce features in using this software platform below.

Features of Using Magento

Being that Magento is open-source, it is free to use and is supported by regular updates from its vast user and developer community. Magento even offers international support in that it supports different currencies, and users can set their online shopping sites to translate to a number of languages. Magento also offers a number of other features and capabilities, such as:

  • Users have a great deal of control over everything from ecommerce promotions to merchandising.
  • For expansive ecommerce stores, users can control several store-fronts and websites from a single Administration Panel.
  • Magento allows for bulk exports and imports of inventory.
  • Shoppers can enjoy multiple images for products with the capabilities to zoom in for a clearer view.
  • The on-page checkout functionality is very user-friendly for customers (even allowing guests to check out without registering for an account.)
  • Users can set-up as many discounts and coupons as they wish.
  • Magento allows marketers to analyze and report on product sales and trends.
  • Users can easily integrate 3rd party applications with Magento.

Magento for Ecommerce SEO

One of the greatest advantages of Magento over other content management systems is that it helps with SEO for ecommerce sites. In fact, we have found that ecommerce sites can execute search engine optimization techniques more efficiently than with paid ecommerce CMS solutions like Shopify. Some of the executions for ecommerce SEO include:

  • Users can create dynamic URLs that are keyword friendly to search engines.
  • Magento enables users to create XML sitemap with ease.
  • The Magento CMS allows for custom written Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.
  • The overall site architecture is designed for easy crawling and indexing by by search engine spiders.

As for the drawbacks of Magento, websites will need dedicated hosting solutions. Additionally, the learning curve in using Magento can be steep for most end-users, especially for complex online stores. In many cases, ecommerce sites will need to have the website professionally developed to support all of their needs and shopping cart requirements.

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