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OpenCart Ecommerce CMS Review

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OpenCart Ecommerce CMS Review

Review of OpenCart for Usability and Ecommerce SEO

OpenCart Ecommerce ReviewOpenCart is ecommerce CMS solution that offers an array of features for online retailers. OpenCart is open-source and free to use, which makes it a cost-effective solution for small to medium sized ecommerce sites.

The platform relies on the contributions from the OpenCart community of developers and users, so support may be less individualized compared to other ecommerce software platforms. Some of the greatest advantages to using OpenCart is that it runs on MySQL and PHP database management systems.

These are some of the best database management systems available, meaning OpenCart is a very stable and safe ecommerce solution. In addition to MySQL and PHP, OpenCart also works with Apache and Microsoft IIS which makes it very developer-friendly.

CMS and SEO Features of OpenCart

Understanding the features of OpenCart will give you a better idea if this shopping cart solution is right for your online store. Some of the most popular features of this ecommerce software platform include:

  • Users have full control over template management, meaning they choose the template they want and integrate it into the ecommerce website.
  • Ecommerce sites can develop a shopping cart that has as many as 20 payment gateways, allowing stores to choose the best payment gateways to incorporate.
  • OpenCart offers multiple currency support, meaning users can operate OpenCart in most countries in the world.
  • The OpenCart platform offers a number of extensions, such as the ability to calculate shipping weight and allow customers to easily view products in their shopping cart.
  • The system provides valuable restoration and backup tools.
  • Users can create specified customer groups to better manage customers.

OpenCart also has a number of basic features for search engine optimization and ecommerce Internet marketing, such as:

  • HTML sitemap creation, which is handy for complex ecommerce stores
  • Customizable Page Titles and Meta data per page, which are essential for ecommerce SEO.
  • OpenCart generates customized reports should users want to report on specific data such as the number of views on a particular product, the number of purchases, and amounts generated in a particular duration.

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