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Terms and Agreements

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Terms and Agreements

In accordance to using this website, the visitor agrees to hereby comply with all of the following terms and agreements. We respectfully advise that you thoroughly read the Terms of Service and Conditions of Use as provided below.

This website, along with all content, information, services, and software is made available by ClickCentric SEO. All materials offered on or through this website can only be used with respect to the following terms:

Terms of Service

ClickCentric SEO is committed to providing ethical services in ecommerce search engine optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Internet marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, web design, website development, and other related website services for ecommerce sites. Our ecommerce SEO company employs only those services which meet the approval, guidelines, and best practices techniques of major search engines.

At ClickCentric SEO, we do not guarantee any specified increase in the amount of new customers, website traffic, sales, or precise rankings in specified search engines based on the effectiveness of our services. If ClickCentric SEO does not generate improved search engine rankings across major search engines after the first six-month service, then specified services will be extended at no additional cost for a specific time period agreed upon by all concerned parties.

The services excluded from this stipulation include Internet advertising, such as Pay Per Click advertising, as well as website design, web development, social media marketing, email marketing, any other specialized services mentioned or not mentioned in the initial agreement between the parties involved.

Utilization of any additional, third-party SEO and/or related ecommerce Internet marketing services during the terms of service with ClickCentric SEO, without our expressed written consent, contravenes the terms of service and voids the initial service agreement. No guarantees or refunds will be provided.

ClickCentric SEO is not accountable or liable for any third party services performed on the clients website(s) before or during this service agreement. ClickCentric SEO is not liable for content on the website(s) of clients nor liable for any third party concerns related to website content, include images, text, video, and other forms of media. 

ClickCentric SEO is not liable for any loss or decrease in search engine rankings that arise. This includes the employment of services and/or techniques that have been added to the client's website by a third party, and without the consent of ClickCentric SEO, be they have been implemented after the fact or already existing, so long as this service agreement is in effect.

Agreements of Use

This website is owned and operated by ClickCentric SEO. Users of this website can access most information and content offered on this website. ClickCentric SEO reserves the right to prohibit certain visitors to access to the website without notification and at any time.

The content of this website is intended to be informative and supplementary to the services provided by ClickCentric SEO. The content of this website is not guaranteed to provide any specified results or returns based upon any service strategies mentioned.

To learn more about the terms and agreements of ClickCentric SEO, please contact us.

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