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Volusion Ecommerce Review

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Volusion Ecommerce Review

Volusion Review of CMS Features and ecommerce SEO

Volusion Ecommerce Shopping Cart ReviewOne of the most popular ecommerce shopping cart solutions on the market today is Volusion. Volusion is an open-source ecommerce shopping cart solution that comes with an integrated CMS (content management system).

Although Volusion does not have the best website templates for ecommerce compared to other software platforms, there are several reasons why it has become so popular among online shopping stores. It is important that your online storefront is user-friendly and supports the needs of customers if you are to convert visitors.

As a free ecommerce software solution, Volusion helps to achieve just that at low investment. Volusion comes with free live chat software built into the system, which allows you to answer to your customers in real-time. There are also a number of other support and security features that Volusion offers, such as:

  • The Fraud Score feature can save money for online stores in the instance of chargeback fraud.
  • Volusion is equipped with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates. This protects user data while adding an extra level of credibility to an ecommerce website.
  • The vZoom™ tools allow your customers to view the items in their shopping cart clearly.
  • Users can set-up warehouse locations in different parts of the world and manage them all in your admin account.

Volusion for Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

We have found that Volusion facilitates basic search engine optimization for ecommerce sites. The platform does not go above and beyond for ecommerce SEO, but as a free, open-source solution, the features are respectable. Some of the notable SEO benefits of Volusion include:

  • .asp programming language is used in the creation of the Volusion. This is good for SEO for some aspects of the page URL's can be changed for product and keyword optimization.
  • Volusion makes it easy to link internal pages of the site with intuitive navigation.
  • Keyword optimization via the Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords is possible, which is essential for ecommerce SEO.
  • Users can create an XML sitemap through the Volusion interface.

One of the greatest drawbacks of Volusion is that it uses nested tables in the back-end of its websites. Such tables break up your the semantic structure of your ecommerce site which can hinder crawling and indexing by search engine spiders.

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